[Watch] Trailer For Kirsten Dunst’s New Movie by the Founders of Rodarte

She’s been in some giant movies, yes, but to these eyes, Kirsten Dunst has always been an art-house movie star – after all, her first leading role was in Sofia Coppola’s dreamy Virgin Suicides; she followed up the megahit Bring It On with The Cat’s Meow (a cinephile’s what-if movie where she played silent star Marion Davies for director Peter Bogdanovich); and after she burned out on franchises with Spider-Man 3, she was brought back from the brink by international cinema’s enfant terrible, Lars von Trier. Her performance in his 2011 masterpiece Melancholia was a startlingly raw portrait of mental illness and self-destruction; if its trailer is any indication, her starring role in the new drama Woodshock seems to be very much in that same vein.


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